Monday, October 4, 2010

New Book – Mastering the Nikon D300/D300S

Where the previous edition of the book, Mastering the Nikon D300, was about 220 pages, the new Mastering the Nikon D300/D300S has about twice the material, at 416 pages. In addition there are several supplementary chapter sections available by download from a special Rocky Nook website.
The new book is designed to allow you to teach yourself all aspects of how the D300/D300S camera works. It goes beyond basic "do it this way" and explains when and why. Each chapter section has a "My Recommendation" conclusion based on useful and proven configurations. From that starting point you'll have the necessary information to try other configurations from a known base that works well.

The book covers virtually every button, dial, switch, menu, and screen in the two cameras; including Live View and D-Movie modes. In addition it has several concluding chapters that pull everything together so that you can use the camera in an expert way. You can truly become a master of the Nikon D300 or Nikon D300S with this completely rewritten and very thorough book.
A tremendous amount of research, editing, and polishing went into this latest book by the NikoniansPress/Rocky Nook editing team. I want to personally thank each of you who purchase one of the Mastering Your Nikon series books and hope you get much benefit from it.
Keep on capturing time...
Darrell Young

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