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Friday Weekly Photography News - 9 Sep 2011

I am doing something new to see if you like it. Along with my normal, usually daily, photography articles, I am now thinking of doing a news article once per week. This is the first. I will investigate news from the photo world, especially where it relates to Nikon. If you like this feature please let me know at the contact link of:

Want A Red Nikon D3100?

Nikon® will release a limited-edition red Nikon D3100 camera later this month in Europe only. The camera is exactly like any other D3100 except for the external crimson color. This is a test by Nikon to see how much demand the camera generates. If popular, it may cause Nikon to bring colorful cameras to the USA too.

Nikon D3100 in Red

If you've just gotta have one, check with distributors in Europe and see if you can have it shipped to you. It'll cost you more, but you'll have a really cool Nikon to show off with. The 14-MP entry-level Nikon does a great job with imaging. Plus, with the new red color it looks even cooler!

Fujifilm is Killing Several Films

Digital has taken its toll on the film-using world (again) as Fuji announces that they will discontinue six of their films. Here is a list of the discontinued items:

  • Fujichrome Sensia III 100
  • Fujichrome T64 (35mm, 36 exposures)
  • Fujicolor Pro 160NC (4x5 versions)
  • Fujifilm Neopan SS (35mm, 36 exposures)
  • Astia 100F (120, 220, 4x5 regular and quickload, and 8x10)
  • Velvia 100F (4x5 quickload; not Velvia 100, which they will still produce)
Fujichrome Sensia 100 – a now discontinued film

If you find one of your favorite films in the list, now is the time to stock up on a good quantity. It is sad  to see film gradually dying but it seems inevitable as the digital revolution marches on.

Comments on Media Reports about Nikon’s imaging product - September 9, 2011

In odd news, Nikon made a rather weird announcement on its news media site:

"Nikon understands that some article appeared in the media regarding Nikon’s imaging product. Please note that Nikon has made no announcement in this regards."

No one seems to know for sure what this means. Do you have a clue? You can see the original news announcement here:

If you figure it out, let me know!

Toshiba® Announces the FlashAir Two-Way Wi-Fi Card in SD Format

The Eye-Fi® company now has a competitor in Toshiba's FlashAir card. Going head to head with Eye-Fi in the SD card wireless transfer field, Toshiba goes one better over the Eye-Fi card. Eye-Fi allows sending image files to a local Wi-Fi enabled computer (Ad Hoc) or through the internet to a remote Wi-Fi enabled computer. The new FlashAir card from Toshiba allows both sending and receiving images. That's right, with a compatible camera you can exchange images directly with a friend, called P2P sharing.

The new FlashAir Wi-Fi Card from Toshiba

The FlashAir card will come in 8 GB initially and will be launched in February 2012. There will be more details on the card over the next few months, however, Toshiba has indicated that the card will support 802.N transfer speeds; WEP, TKIP, AES image encryption; and RAW, JPEG, and Movie files.

It will be a Class 6 card, which supports a minimum of 6MB/sec transfer speed in-camera and computer. In its press release Toshiba claims the FlashAir is “the world’s first SDHC memory card with embedded wireless LAN functionality that is fully compliant with the SD Memory Card Standard,” something the people at Eye-Fi will take issue with, I'm sure.

Nikon's Mirrorless Camera May Cost Under US$1,300 

Japan's Nikkei reported that the rumored (X-810??) camera from Nikon will cost between US$900 and US$1300. 

Rumored Nikon X-810 Mirrorless ILC/EVIL Camera

If the pricing is correct, this is in the same price range as other high-end mirrorless ILC/EVIL cameras—like the Sony NEX or Olympus E lines. The USA price could be lower because Japanese pricing, as reported in Nikkei, usually includes tax. Nikon promised to release a mirrorless camera in 2011. However, that was before the massive earthquake earlier this year. With the rapid rise in ILC/EVIL cameras, Nikon can't afford to wait much longer on a release. Maybe we'll see at least another announcement before year's end, if not the camera itself.

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