Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rumors are Swirling for a September Nikon Release

Just a short blog this morning to let you know that I am hearing some serious rumors concerning a potential release of a Nikon sometime this month. Are the rumors true?  We'll know shortly! I'll keep in touch with you about anything I hear and post a review within minutes of an actual release.

I hope that Nikon releases their mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (ILC) this month. Before the earthquake they made a promise for an ILC in 2011. Now would be a good time for an announcement—to rope in many of the upcoming holiday buyers that might buy competitor's products out of frustration over waiting too long.

I want an ILC! I need an ILC! If the imaging sensor on Nikon's offering even approaches the size of the micro four thirds sensor offered by Panasonic and Olympus I'm game to buy. Are you?

The rumors also state that Nikon might release a DSLR in September. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it. Too much scrambling to deal with the aftereffects of the earthquake. It doesn't appear that Canon is inclined to offer a new DSLR either. We'll see!

On Other Issues...

I'll be blogging this evening on another photographic subject, but just wanted to check in with you this morning. This Kindle blog is now up to 14 subscribers. Not many after a month and a half, but growing gradually. I am blogging as often as I can, hoping to keep you happy with my Kindle blog so that you will keep renewing. Maybe one day this blog will have enough subscribers to even make it profitable.

May I ask for your help?  I have several books on the market and have found that good 5-star reviews really make a difference in how well the book does. If you would be so kind as to give my Kindle blog a good review on Amazon, I would really appreciate it. When I subscribe to a blog on Amazon, I always look at the reviews to see what people think of the blog before I subscribe. My blog only has one review!

If you have time, will you please say a few nice words about this blog in a review on Amazon? I need more subscribers to make it worth continuing the process. Your review of this blog will make a big difference in its success. Without good reviews, I doubt this blog will survive on Kindle.

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Keep on capturing time...
Darrell Young


  1. Please do a "newbie" post on ILCs...as I do not understand a thing about them. Thanks!

  2. I'll see what I can do about writing an ILC review. They are basically like smaller-sized DSLRs without reflex mirrors.