Monday, September 12, 2011

Video Editing Software

Most of our Nikons have video modes these days. If you have just started experimenting with video and are learning to edit it, you may be interested in some resources for video editing software.

If you’ve already been shooting videos and editing them on your computer, you probably won’t need much advice. However, if you’re new to digital movie shooting and editing, you need to know that there are several great programs out there, including free ones, that allow you to create cool movies with introductions, music, and various effects.

Free Video Editing Software

Here is a list of my favorite freeware or shareware video editing software that you can download online:

Windows Live Movie Maker:

Apple iMovie (free if you buy a new Mac):

DebugMode Wax:


Video Editing Software (Not Free)

Here is a list of excellent editing software that you have to pay for. Some sell for less than US$100:

Adobe Premier Elements (US$119.99):

Corel VideoStudio (US$49.99):

Roxio Video Lab HD (US$69.99):

CyberLink PowerDirector (US$69.99 and $99.95)

Nero Video 11 (US$29.95):

My Recommendation: If you are using a PC, try the free Windows Live Movie Maker. If you use a Mac, buy a new one and get iMovie, or check to see if you already have it on your newer Mac. You can purchase it from Apple if you don’t. Both programs are easy to use. Google for "free video editing software" and give others a try, too.

Disclaimer: Be careful when you are googling for free video software products besides the ones I've listed. The internet is full of people promising the world for "clicking here" when they really just want to steal your identity. Use a well-known download site, such as:, which is relatively safe.

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